Geek deals Deep discounts on Pinnacle home theater products

Sound, by its very nature, is a very subjective beast. Some people are happy to listen to their laptop speakers, the earbuds that came with their MP3 player, or the speakers built into their TV. Others, generally those who have experienced an aftermarket audio system in the past, scoff at those ideas and always supplant the default speakers in any electronics they have.Not only do you gain higher fidelity sound, but you can gain immersion and realism with a proper set of surround speakers. Dell Small Business is offering discounts on such speaker kits, taking up to 75% off of a number of Pinnacle home theater systems. The packages Dell is offering range from mild to wild, with matching price tags. They include everything needed to transform your sound and are ready to hook up to your receiver or other AV system, like a game console or cable box.On the top of the line, we see the Pinnacle MB 15700 Audiophile 7.1 speaker system, which includes your four surround speakers, a 12-inch 500 watt subwoofer, and a center speaker bar with FIFTEEN individual speakers for even better channel separation. This beast normally runs $2999, but Dell is knocking $2200 off to bring the price down to $799 with free shipping. If that’s a little rich for you, they have packages starting at $369 after discount.Pinnacle Home Theater deals at Logic Buy read more

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