“I was going to be in Castilla, but I thought I could play in First”

first_imgDifferences between Spain and Japan: “The Spanish League is much more vertical than the Japanese. There are many more counterattacks in Spain and people live on it. The Japanese League is taking advantage of the Spanish because big players like Iniesta, Villa, Samper … That came it’s very good for Japan because that way people see both leagues more. “Kubo and Okubo: “Always changing from one country or another that is not your native country is very difficult. I know Okubo, who played here in Mallorca, and I had the opportunity to play with him in his last year. He told me that LaLiga is very difficult, but he loved the experience. “Arrival to Spain: “I was very excited to come here, although I did not know what was going to happen. I thought it was fortunate to be at the professional level so soon, at age 18. They came to Japan to tell me about the sports project they had with me. It all depended on me. , but I know that when I grow up I will have more opportunities with them. I have to stand firm and keep growing. “Workouts with Madrid: “At the moment I am doing what I can and continue like this. In training and in the matches, knowing the highest level of world football serves as a reference and hence calculating if one day I can get there. They taught me things that can be useful in the future. “ Take kubo, little by little, he becomes an essential footballer for Vicente Moreno. The last summer, Real Madrid decided that the best alternative for their growth was to leave on loan to Mallorca and the Japanese responds with leadership and talent in the three-quarter area of ​​Son Moix. In an interview for LaLiga, the Japanese footballer talks about his adaptation to the island and his desire to shine in the Santiago Bernabéu Sooner than later. LaLiga tracking in your country: “When I started watching football from other leagues, I started to watch Spanish. At that time I liked David Silva, David Villa, when Valencia was very strong. When I was little, no, because football was not very popular in Japan. as more Japanese come, more League games are seen, even if they are at night, and with the change even more. “ The decision in summer: “In principle I was going to stay in Castilla, but after the preseason I did I thought that I could still play in a First Division team and in the end I got Mallorca.”Arrival to Mallorca: “I had a lot more attention in me than in the other teams. They talked to me about how much they loved me (laughs). I’m getting used to it little by little, although it was hard for me to understand the rules both in the field and outside it. They came with the same game and the rules two years and I was the rookie. It cost me a little, well rather a lot, but with the help of teammates and coaching staff I adapt. I assume what I have to do and I understand what people ask me : make the best game of my life always and in attack help the team marking, giving assistance or making a key play. And in defense do not forget the fundamental concepts we have. “Goal to Villarreal: “Vicente (Moreno) told me that some goal of mine had to appear and it was. I am very happy about that.”Poor baggage of Mallorca as a visitor: “When we go away from home we lack something and the rivals take advantage of that. It is clear: we need a victory and everything will change there.”Real Madrid match: “It was a bit weird because I had shared the preseason with them and upon entering Vinicius greeted me and it was weird at first. Then I got into the game and when it was over I was very happy like the rest of the team.”Where are you better: “My ideal position I think would be that of midpoint, but today not many teams have midpoint, that is, I adapt to the position requested by the coach. Now I am playing in the band and I feel very comfortable.”Qualities as a footballer: “My main characteristic is to receive between the lines and start haggling from there. It is not my weakness, but to score a goal I have to be calmer at the end. But now that I have achieved a goal I think I will be calmer “.Objectives of Mallorca: “Try to save us and then look up.”First steps: “The important thing is how my career ends. I am lucky to have debuted as early in a League as this, I will try to go as far as possible and not regret anything.”Kubo, ambitious: “I would like to play some big game like a Champions League final or a World Cup and if I can win them then too.”last_img