Another political stunt

first_imgDear Editor,The People’s National Congress (PNC)-led coalition pulled off another political stunt rather than a celebratory event – this 52nd Independence anniversary of our country. I say this in review of the pathetic show foisted on the people at D’Urban Park. They rented schoolchildren (typical PNC style propaganda machinery) from all across the country to populate the stands to hear the most depressing of speeches in a long time. Well, if you should take the President’s speech in its truest sense, the children were not the ones catered for in that address; his talk was mainly for the adults and those at home. So, Granger’s address was simply “talk” that was over their heads.Right from the very start of the ceremony, that is, the salute and inspection of the guard, showed that empty void of pomp and pageantry, that usually greets you at these events. Even when he was invited to inspect the guard of honour, Granger was literally running ahead of the ceremonial officer. The common formalities that important dignitaries show on such important events were woefully lacking. He looked lost, confused and bewildered. The President’s show of nervousness may have been symptomatic of his address that came after in which he gave himself away in all that he said. His was a prepared speech full of political innuendos and he contradicted himself throughout the address. Whether by accident or design, he completely forgot his campaign promises, chief of which was the ushering in of the “good life” soon after taking office. That promise we now know was a farce, seeing the good life is not an achievable good for the present generation, but something in the far distant future. Yes, we heard him, loud and clear a “future good life” and not a present one.Of course, this is the newest “pie in the sky” campaign type rhetoric coming from a President three-fifths into his rule.So, the supposed additional bacchanal of this Independence anniversary being a “Carnival” event that too was a damper as the people saw this as another ploy to divert attention from the present sad situation that has enveloped this nation. That Burnhamite strategy resurrected by Granger, is a sure way of keeping the nation in a stupor. Dance away your worries, dance your stresses and your distresses away. But even that was low-key because there is nothing to party about because most of us lack the means with-which to party. Where is the means to do so? With over 25,000 persons out of a job and others not sure of the one that they now hold, the situation is terribly dreadful.To sum it up in these simple words, it was an “abysmal performance by the Granger regime.”Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img