The APNU/AFC coalition Government destroyed Guyana in 4 years

first_imgDear Editor,Please allow me to clarify and compare several issues that were misrepresented by Freddie Kissoon in his article “APNU/AFC has done more in 4 years than the PPP in 15 years”. The PPP Government was able to demonstrate more social cohesiveness among Guyanese and ensure that the resources were spread equally among all Guyanese. Many persons will ask for justification on that.The most evident example is the numerous house lots that were distributed in the various housing schemes to persons despite their political affiliations or their racial background. The present Government, for the last four years, gave houses to a majority of their supporters. The records will unveil the evidence.The APNU/AFC Government destroyed the trust of racial unity since a section of the Indian population trusted the coalition and voted in 2015 to bridge the gap of racial unity but unfortunately, Granger and his Government destroyed that trust which was given to the APNU/AFC coalition Government.This four years of governance by the APNU/AFC coalition Government is the worst period ever in the history of Guyana. In every sector, there is a constant pattern of decline that is definitely impacting negatively on Guyanese eg corruption, crime, social cohesion, construction, communities, businesses, governance etc.The corruption level has risen to uncontrolled heights. Senior Government officials are now demanding kickbacks even before the contracts are even awarded to contractors, bids are being overpriced to accommodate these huge amounts of kickbacks and what is even more disgusting is that from the top level to the bottom level, there is evidence of corruption.The APNU/AFC coalition Government in four years, destroyed the lives of 30,000 workers who lost their jobs, these were the victims of the coalition governance who voted for a better future but only the Ministers are benefiting from the good life.The destruction that is being done to Guyana by this Government will be a herculean task for the PPP/C to fix.Regards,Zamal Hussainlast_img