Prospective Teachers Interviewed by School Boards

first_img Acadia University students hoping to become teachers will get a chance to discuss their career opportunities when the province’s school boards visit the university on Wednesday, Jan. 18. The early hiring job fair is one of five planned at four universities in Nova Scotia and one in New Brunswick. “Early hiring job fairs help to keep our best new teachers at home in Nova Scotia,” said Education Minister Jamie Muir. The boards are particularly interested in mathematics, physics, technology education and French teachers but note that other specialties may also be needed. “Teaching is such a rewarding career. You mean so much to so many,” said Kelli Ross, who graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University in 2005. She is now teaching with the Halifax Regional School Board. “If it had not been for the early hiring job fair, I would probably still be looking for a job,” added Ms. Ross. “I feel the students benefit too, from having a teacher who grew up in the area where they live. It helps them realize they have options for future employment in their home province.” “I love what I do. There is an amazing joy in seeing understanding dawn in someone’s eyes. I really enjoy passing on what I know about mathematics,” said Carolyn Benedict, who graduated from Saint Francis Xavier University last year. “Simply talking to the human resources people from the boards at job fairs reassures graduating teachers that positions are available,” explained Ms. Benedict, who is now teaching with the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board. “Great teachers can make an informed decision to stay and work in the province and, as a result, the quality of education in our schools is higher.” Additional career opportunities can arise later in the year and the school boards could continue hiring until September. As well, the boards will continue to recruit full-time teachers from their existing rosters of term and substitute teachers. While the job fairs focus on new graduates, opportunities exist for earlier and out-of-province graduates and they are encouraged to contact the school boards directly. Board contact information is available on the Department of Education website at . At the job fairs, students also get a chance to meet the province’s registrar of teacher certification and representatives from the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, the Nova Scotia School Boards Association, and the Nova Scotia Teachers Plus Credit Union. EDUCATION–Prospective Teachers Interviewed by School Boardsat Acadialast_img