Rabat Is Paris Rally in Morocco November 20 to Honor Paris

Rabat – Moroccans are invited to gather in a rally in Rabat and show their solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attacks that hit Paris on Friday.Moroccan Sortir Magazine, Rabat and its sponsors created an event via Facebook under the slogan “Rabat est Paris !” on Sunday to invite Moroccans to join in support for France next Friday.“Join the esplanade of the National Library [of the Kingdom of Morocco] BNRM to express our solidarity with France in mourning and our support for all victims and their families in these terrible times. We stress that this event is not a demonstration, it is only a peaceful rally!” the organizers stressed. Out of the nearly 1,000 people invited to the rally, less than 150 have confirmed their attendance through Facebook.The event page has received more negative than positive comments from Moroccans that do not agree with the march, especially since no other rally has been organized for the other countries that have suffered from terrorism.“And for Palestine? Iraq? Syria? Or we should pray for those who burn our sacred book or those who stereotype the Muslims who exit mosques? Take action to show you are against terrorism, not just for France,” a user replied to the invitation.“Rabat est Rabat !” a person from Rabat wrote, while another one said, “Rabat n’est pas Paris.”The initiative has not been well-accepted by Moroccans, especially since footage of a Koran being burned in France surfaced on the web on Sunday.The terrorist attacks perpetrated by ISIS members on Friday night in Paris killed 132 people and left over 250 people wounded.Suicide bombers and armed men detonated explosives and shot over 100 civilians in six coordinated attacks that began with an explosion at Stade de France, where French President François Hollande was attending a football match.One hundred people held hostage were killed one by one at the Bataclan theatre. The terrorists targeted several restaurants and bars across the French capital.