Handcrafted Overwatch Figure is a Work of Art

first_img ‘Overwatch’ Coming to Nintendo Switch… In Case FormLego Adds Two More ‘Overwatch’ Sets: Wrecking Ball and Junke… Stay on target Even if you’re like me and aren’t exactly into Overwatch, you have to admit that the game’s characters feature some of the coolest designs out there. Each of the characters would make for great action figures, but for whatever reason, Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t commissioned any toy company to make official figures based on the game. This didn’t stop one person from taking the initiative and creating his own Overwatch figure completely by hand.Korean craftsman Truxton made a 100% wood figure of the Bastion character. What’s great about this figure is that it transforms exactly like it does in the game. Blizzard has released detailed sketches of both of Bastion’s modes and Truxton used these to create this highly detailed little masterpiece. In the video below, you can see for yourself how the figure was created and how it transforms. This is like watching an episode of The Joy of Painting only with an awesome action figure.It’s always fun to see folks go out of their way to create things like this. Hopefully, Blizzard has taken note and will eventually have a toy company release Overwatch figures as incredible as this one. The toys themselves could certainly serve as a nice gateway to get people who may not have heard of Overwatch to play the game. Then of course, there are guys like me who would buy these figures just because they look cool. Blizzard, if you’re seeing this video I believe you know what you have to do now.For more of Truxton’s work, make sure to hit up his Facebook page.last_img