House approves Rep Hauck bill ending driver responsibility fees

The Michigan House today overwhelmingly approved legislation introduced by state Rep. Roger Hauck to end senseless and punitive driver responsibility fees.Hauck, of Union Township, said his bill is part of a bipartisan package that not only brings an end to driver responsibility fees in October 2018, but also forgives outstanding debt and helps people regain their driver’s licenses.“When the previous administration ran into a significant budget shortfall because of irresponsible spending, it decided to plug the budget hole on the backs of people who committed driving infractions,” Hauck said. “Driver responsibility fees were tacked on in addition to other fines and court costs, which forced people living near or in poverty into deep debt with few options to pay the balance.”In many instances, driving privileges were also revoked, meaning people who wanted to work could not because they did not have reliable transportation. Others drove illegally and risked additional fees if they were pulled over for a traffic infraction. Under the legislation passed today, people will have alternative means to fulfill their financial obligations until the fees are ended on Oct. 1, 2018.“We are giving people a chance to pay off debt until the fees are eliminated by participating in community service projects, which can improve the neighborhoods in which they live,” Hauck said. “Another option is to take part in workforce development programs, which will give them new skills to get good jobs once their driving privileges are restored.”The bills now go to the Senate for consideration.#####The bills are House Bills 5040-5046, 5079 and 5080. Measure key part of bipartisan legislative package 02Nov House approves Rep. Hauck bill ending driver responsibility fees Categories: Hauck News,News