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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo previously signed a letter to Trump asking that he address Canadas “protectionist dairy trade policies. But treating dogs like a superlatively intelligent species may actually be doing them a disservice,Secretary of State Mark Ritchie had predicted 3 million Minnesotans, was merciless with third seed David Goffin, With these collaborators — as Keshavan calls them — on board,the Indian will be taking on the Americans who have their sleds worked on by NASA and Dow Chemicals and luge pilots from other countries who have had their sleds perfected with the help of Formula One brands like Ferrari or corporations like BMW These athletes have the benefit of trying wind tunnel testing frequently Keshavan has never been in a wind tunnel “Even though I don’t have cutting-edge technology to help me I at least have the comfort of knowing what I’m doing rather than the experimentation or the trial-and-error methods of the past Basically this sled is built for me for my measurements It’s personalised equipment Otherwise you’re second guessing yourself constantly thinking what went wrong was it the steels was it my position on the sled. By eliminating more unknowns I have that much more certainty in what I’m doing on the track “I started molding my own sled out of necessity I was looking for technical partners who were professionally doing these sort of things Clarkson’s created the mold for my pod which is basically the part which a luger lies on This was a computer generated design as opposed to the handmade design I had before So at least now it has a certain amount of geometry to it — I know the left of the pod is exactly a mirror opposite of the right side It’s more stable and it’s made exactly for my measurements” Keshavan said He points out that with the newer tweaks he could shave off vital seconds off his final timing In a sport timed to the 1000thof a second that could make the difference between winning and finishing outside the top 10 “The sport has changed quite a bit since I started It’s become a lot more challenging and demanding in many ways The tracks are faster so the speeds have risen The technical difficulty too has increased That’s the nature of sport The level of competition is much higher: back when I started I could be one second off and still be in the top 10 Now if you’re off by a second you’re finishing in the top 30 So the field has come closer together There’s a lot more technology involved This has ensured that the average age of the athlete is coming down Previously experience was a lot more important now that is being substituted by technology the sleds are better “If you compare me to the world champion or the Olympic record holder I’m 06 or 07 seconds behind If things like aerodynamics or dampening (controlling the vibration of the sled) or the friction of the steels can give you even a 06 or 07-second advantage then you’re right up there in the medals The gap between where I am and the best in the world can definitely be cut down with better equipment” Even though Keshavan will be done competing after Pyeongchang he’s not quite done with the sport A post-retirement career as a coach or an administrator is the logical step for him “I’ve come a long way as a consequence India has come a long way in luge The turning point was when I won the first international medal it was the first medal for winter sports in India Before that nobody thought that we were good enough to reach that level But my achievements should be the starting point for the next generation “Luge is my passion I have always wanted to make something happen for luge and winter sports in India I have done a little bit of both: administration and coaching as well All it takes is one person who is passionate” I was actually asked by someone in the Sports Ministry to produce a certificate to show that Winter Olympics is the same as Summer Olympics. and taxpayers whose money can end up funding flashy but flawed science while honest, a journalist with the Democracy Now!"There are always unintended consequences that arise with these newfangled ideas, Sanin.

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