Do you want to use statistics about love Shanghai love Shanghai series tools

I want to say is, yes, certainly is the two sector, even three departments, four departments, what they really don’t have much contact or cooperation. However, careful old webmaster, you must like me. Eat the loss, when on, in the lesson of blood and tears and found some people do not know the secret.

I to explain my personal experience, I is the auto parts network station. You are in the webmaster tools, I said the bloody love station network query query site and so on fact. In 2013 September, I have been in the webmaster statistics, learned a lot of new features about love and love of Shanghai statistics, Shanghai this year launched the webmaster tools, and the security alliance, I intend to try this.

first, I believe you will like me, began to receive love Shanghai customer service has continued to call, ask you to love Shanghai ah, a discount ah, have activities like, believe that we can do is hard to force the webmaster. Whether you do or not, I guess, they may have a sales record identification function in the database, your site will be recorded in front of potential customers. Of course is just speculation, so they are more conducive to effective customer visit next time. Note that love Shanghai, apple or Microsoft, I believe you are not children, should understand the technology for business services. Otherwise, don’t try to do business, to do charity, then what will happen, that their.

however, I believe that you will find your careful webmaster, with these, you will find and give you no rankings included and what to improve, of course you just "in a simple site, and you can see the love in Shanghai in statistics included in the total number, the latter is a lot more, is pleased with oneself! Then, tragedy is slowly out….

many articles online about love Shanghai, love Shanghai webmaster like the article, the official also has a detailed description of these applications is to love Shanghai, love Shanghai in another department, to love Shanghai promotion departments are separate, no contact.

again, I have to say about the webmaster tools in the chain submission, this is a pit, website update or revision, and delete some template or function interface, more or less will remove some of the old page, I am full of our dear love Shanghai friendly, close to the fiery heart, to delete pages, more than 100 the website expired fantasy, as the official said "you have been dead, crawling, return 404>

in the 1 months, I was almost in strict accordance with the optimization suggestions and love Shanghai statistics and love Shanghai station, to modify the site, try to use their detection tools can be found in more than 98 points, including the modification of URL and HTML and shorten the connection to the server, the integration of source code and so on, most for our dear love Shanghai webmaster to our tools, my heart is so expect it to Google Adsense that fairness and justice, the majority of us is really good stuff to the grassroots webmaster service.