Exercise group for moms kids helps work activity into lives

first_imgMercedes Riggs briskly walks along the paved pathway at Hockinson Meadows Park, her workout clothes dampened by a light mist.After walking a lap and a half of the quarter-mile loop, Riggs and a handful of other women stop at a park bench. They each find a place along the edge of the bench and launch into sets of bicep dips. When they’re done with their biceps, the group finishes the last lap on the path.Under the covered area, the ladies stretch exercise bands beneath their feet and move from one end of the area to the other, doing squats between the picnic tables.For more information about Kim Puyleart’s Vancouver Mommy Fitness Playgroup:o Visit the group’s Meetup page.o Email Puyleart at ChampionsBelieve@gmail.com.o Call 360-931-2888.As they prepare to switch exercises, Riggs reaches into her bag and fishes out a handful of crackers for 19-month-old Sophie, who watches her mom work out from the seat in her jogger stroller.About then, 2-year-old Makhai asks for crackers and his sister, 7-month-old Malia, starts crying, sending mom Brooke Velazquez to their stroller.For Riggs, Velazquez and the others, the little interruptions are all part of the routine during the twice-a-week Vancouver Mommy Fitness Playgroup.The class, led by certified personal trainer and nutrition adviser Kim Puyleart, is designed for mothers and their little ones.Sometimes, that means the kids mirror their mothers during the routines. Sometimes Velazquez carries her son as she climbs up stairs, adding a little more weight to her workout. And sometimes, Sophie challenges Riggs by crawling on her back while she does exercises on the ground.“I’m just really passionate about getting moms out of the house and exercising with their kiddos,” Puyleart said.For Riggs, the small class gives the Vancouver mom a reason to get out the front door.“I had trouble getting incentive to work out,” she said. “I needed some kind of incentive to get out and someone to hold me accountable.”last_img read more

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