Stop wasting our tax dollars

first_imgDear Editor,Look at how fast this APNU/AFC Government is becoming Orwellian! Ever since the successful passage of the No-Confidence Motion on December 21, 2018, the Government and its operatives have used and wasted State resources to stifle our democracy! If paying exorbitant fees on Counsel for legal challenges, chartering planes for 19 Ministers to visit and campaign in Region Nine and using Government vehicles as part of the APNU mash parade contingent were not insulting and abusive enough; check out Imran Khan’s commentary of March 10, captioned “The current political situation – why we are here”. This inflammatory political commentary was produced with State resources and shared publicly on the Department of Information’s Facebook and YouTube channel. Khan has a duty as the Head of the Department of Information to only provide factual information. The DPI’s information dissemination media are for public interests and matters based on facts – not fake news and Imran Khan’s misrepresentation of the facts. Attempting to avoid defamation challenges by not naming persons directly does not excuse Khan’s inciteful behaviour and abuse of State resources. Let me answer Khan’s question – “why are we here?”  And let me add – Where is here?  We are “here” because the Government lost a vote of confidence. Where is here?  Here is 10 days away from a constitutional crisis!  Why?  Because the Government refuses to honour and respect the Constitution. It is that simple!  No amount of name calling by Imran Khan (opened eyed an all) will change the fact that this soon to be illegal APNU/AFC Government is clutching tightly to the reins of power while Guyanese suffer and our country is laughed at!  Every time Imran Khan opens his mouth and eyes, he confirms the widely held view that the APNU/AFC Government is scared, incompetent and power hungry.  Stop wasting our tax dollars! Stop abusing State resources! Stop spreading propaganda! Call elections now.Yours truly,Vickram Bharratlast_img