Tough decisions

first_imgRe “Running deep in the red” (Nov. 16): The article quotes many of our city officials who proclaim that “We must make tough decisions.” Why did they not make the tough decisions before they spent our tax dollars? There are three prime examples of excessive spending that the voters would probably never have approved if they’d had the chance. These three “tough decisions” would have eliminated the new elephant compound at a reported $30 million, the gorilla compound at a reported $19 million and the Children’s Museum, which is still being built and will cost a lot. None of these excessive expenditures was necessary. Our decision makers are not living up to their fiduciary responsibilities, and now they want the taxpayers to bail them out because they did not make the tough decisions when they had the chance. – Patricia Higgins AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREStriving toward a more perfect me: Doug McIntyre Calabasas Got the guts? Re “Brewer digs in heels on reform” (Nov. 16): Does David Brewer have the fortitude of Gen. Patton or Adm. Halsie or Gen. Doolittle? He must have that quality of fortitude to reform the Los Angeles Unified School District – whatever it takes, regardless of who or whom or what entrenched bureaucracy it may upset. Another question I present is: Does he have the authority to do the things that must be done? – Allen C. Heatherly Reseda Not my money Re “Sue away” (Our Opinions, Nov. 14): Sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency? Not with my money. If the editorial board of the Daily News wishes to sue the EPA, then I suggest the editorial board of the Daily News hire a bunch of lawyers. As the federal government is supreme, I do not wish to sue and sue again to simply lose millions of taxpayer dollars. The Daily News claims that these new rules “would cut carbon emissions by one-fourth over the next 12 years.” And whose model are we using to achieve these world-saving numbers? Lawyers’ model? If these rules become law, the evil auto industry estimates that 70 percent of today’s cars and trucks would be unsalable in California. Do not believe me? Ask Bob Lutz, vice president of General Motors. I will believe the evil auto giant before a self-serving, want-to-be senator, Schwarzenegger. – Gavin Feehan Granada Hills Global warming Re “Sue away” (Our Opinions, Nov. 14): So-called global warming is not an issue that should be decided by the court system. The Supreme Court decided that they are polluting every time they speak. I tend to agree with that – just not in quite the same way. These are issues that should be decided with reasoning and science, not lawsuits. – Jeff Clarke Simi Valley Court a winner Re “Program becomes a ticket to a new life” (Nov. 15): It is great to know that there is finally someone out to help those with alcohol problems instead of simply throwing them in prison. Van Nuys Community Court is really strengthening the general public by establishing a program to help those with substance-abuse problems. We can’t just keep throwing people into prison and hoping for the best after they are released. This program has helped many people already, and I hope it will continue to flourish. – Frances Zapanta Los Angeles Little extra help Re “Program becomes a ticket to a new life” (Nov. 15): As a founding member of the Van Nuys Community Court, I have had the privilege to watch dozens of individuals change their lives. The police department, the City Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, the court system and The Volunteer Center have all worked together to improve the quality of life in Van Nuys and change the lives of those who have participated in the program. We can never give up on our loved ones. Sometimes it takes just a little extra help. The Van Nuys Community Court does exactly that. – Candido Marez Northridge Same group Re “Silent majority” (Nov. 14): Your article claims that group is conversing through the Internet. Many of this same group were the overly mouthy minority protesters of the Vietnam era who demanded our soldiers come home, having lost no battles and having to leave 3 million Vietnamese to be killed by the Communists. Perhaps this time they have rightfully decided not to cause the same fate for the Iraqis by our pulling out now. – Paul Vaughn Van Nuys Sex abuse Re “Boys focus of sex-abuse inquiry” (Nov. 15): The most disturbing aspect of the article was the reaction of the father of one of the boys. His son acted in a way that was predatory and extremely unusual for an early elementary school student; yet the father is promising “a major showdown once we get to court.” Rather than focusing on his son’s behavior, he is attacking the school for investigating the matter before notifying him. One wonders what is going on inside that home; I hope Child Protective Services is planning to find out. – Angela Fitzmorris West Hills Lost sheep The fact that Pat Robertson has endorsed Rudy Giuliani for president is good-enough reason for rational people to vote for someone else. Robertson, a self-proclaimed born-again Christian, has called for the assassination of a foreign leader and proclaimed that the Katrina flood was God’s response to an immoral America. The problem here is not that Robertson is a certified nutcake and a hypocrite as a Christian; the real problem is that so many lost sheep believe him and Fox News. Christians who vote Republican should remember Christ was the Prince of Peace and taught us to turn the other cheek. I will turn the other cheek and the channel when Fox News promotes Giuliani with Robertson. – Denis F. Cremins Simi Valley Teaching Often I read about failing schools. This indicates that California’s political, legal and economic system has not pooled in and is not coordinating activities for this all-important matter. Teaching young people means instructing the future, and that is serious. Disciplining kids is an oversized responsibility for any one facet of government to handle. With these agencies working together, greater deeds can be reached. Education must be free of all the barriers in order to achieve excellence. – John J. Curti Tarzana Zero evidence Re “Liar’s club” (Your Opinions, Nov. 13): The reference letter said President Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction. There is actually zero evidence to support this assertion. An author who talked to the CIA agent who debriefed Saddam for nine months after his capture reports that even Saddam’s own generals were fooled by the WMD ruse created to keep Iran at bay. Most likely, Bush weighed conflicting intelligence on WMD and decided in favor of caution in light of 9-11. The Bush haters postulate that he lied, get angry at the postulation and then just keep repeating the mantra. This is the real lie. Anyway, doesn’t lying require creative thinking, something Bush haters say he lacks? Can’t have it both ways. – Tom Reilly Thousand Oaks Self-made Re “Bush not liar” (Your Opinions, Nov. 5): Sharon Hess writes that the Democrats are trying to ruin the Bush presidency. No need to, as Bush is capable of doing that himself. – Mike Kirwan Venice160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img