Put on your tinfoil hat and watch the entire 1985 NBA Frozen

first_imgThe NBA Draft Lottery is tonight as the hardest tanking teams hope to change their fortunes and begin the road to trying to win basketball games on purpose.Regardless of what happens tonight, nothing will ever top the controversy surrounding the famous 1985 ‘Frozen Envelope’ Draft lottery, where the Knicks landed college player of the decade Patrick Ewing.The conspiracy goes that the envelope was placed in a freezer to make it easier to detect. It also alleged that the corner of the envelope was bent by throwing hard against the side of the hopper. All part David Stern’s devious master plan.The result. David Stern gets Patrick Ewing to the major market of New York, helping him build the league into a juggernaut. Or, there is no conspiracy. He does throw the envelope pretty hard against the side…..last_img