Vhi recovers almost €7m that was overcharged in 2012

first_imgVHI HAS RECOVERED almost €7 million that was overcharged by hospitals in 2012.It said today that a total of €10.5 million was recovered, with €6.9m being recovered through Vhi Healthcare’s Special Claims Investigation Unit (SIU) and €3.6m through its third party recovery process.Its Special Claims Investigations Unit (SIU) looks at making sure incidences of error or overcharging by healthcare providers are fully investigated and rectified.Vhi Healthcare has a number of other measures in place to ensure benefit paid on behalf of its customers is “appropriate and warranted”. These include pre-verification of claims, data analytics, on-going audits, third party recovery, clinical reviews and utilisation management.Since it was set up in 2006, the SIU has recouped a total of €30 million. The company said it forms a “critical element in the overall cost containment strategy”.The SIU and has uncovered a number of cases of what Vhi believes are overcharging by providers. The company investigated each case, and if providers have overpaid they must pay back the money involved. They must also introduce a number of corrective measures to ensure that this does not happen again.If Vhi finds a number of queries or repeat occurrences of anomalies with a particular hospital or service provider, it conducts an audit. This looks at the extent of the practice, the level of monies to be repaid to Vhi Healthcare, and the “redesign of processes” to prevent any reoccurrence.Vhi Healthcare’s cost containment programme since 2009 has delivered savings of over €300m in total.Vhi is also encouraging customers to contact them directly if they think there is a mistake on their statement or if Vhi Healthcare has been charged for accommodation or treatments that weren’t received. They can contact the company on 1890 44 44 44 or email: siu@vhi.ie.Read: Vhi international pays out over €6.6 million in 2012>last_img read more

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ATT Launching 12 Android 20 4G Devices in 2011

first_imgLots of big numbers from AT&T today at the company’s ces press conference. Two of the more impressive ones came directly from the telecom giant’s CEO, Ralph de la Vega: 12 and 20. Twelve is the number of Android devices the company will be offering in 2011. Twenty is the number of 4G devices the company will be offering in that same time period.AT&T is set to roll out its 4G LTE network in the middle of the year. The 20 phones include Android and Windows Phone handsets, as well as at least one from Apple (iPhone 4G?, iPad 4G?). The Motorola Atrix and HTC Inspire 4G will be the first 4G handsets for the new network.AdChoices广告last_img read more

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Rain persists today Saturday

first_imgA wet morning is expected to turn into a wet afternoon.Along the way, the National Weather Service in Portland is concerned about “minor urban and small stream flooding.”According to a hazardous weather outlook, the morning’s heavy rain will taper off as the day progresses. The weekend appears to be a mixed bag, with sun Saturday during the day and rain in the evening. The rain will return in full force on Sunday.last_img

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Nikes selftying Adapt BB sneakers are shoes thatll learn to fit perfectly

first_img “I didn’t think about the shoe” while wearing it, Tatum said at a press event for Nike on Tuesday, “and I think that’s what you want when you’re on the court, you just want to focus on the game.”The sneakers will cost $350 and are set for global release Feb. 17. The batteries in each sneaker last 10 to 14 days, depending on how often you’re using the lacing technology, Nike said. The Adapt BB also comes with a magnetic charging mat, which lets you simply place the sneakers on top to juice them up.Everything that powers the laces — the battery, the motor, the chips that connect to your phone’s app — is in a small box tucked inside the shoe’s sole. The shoe also has buttons on the side for tightening or loosening laces if you don’t want to use the app. Nike will continue sending updates to the app, with the first update due for release within the first week of the sneaker’s availability. That update will let people set different profiles for their shoes — one for when you want to run, for instance, and another for relaxing at home.  Tags Nike’s self-lacing sneaker will be worn in the NBA Now playing: Watch this: 4:36 You use the app to tighten each shoe and change colors pic.twitter.com/Dw0nF7jNoz— alfred 🆖 (@alfredwkng) January 15, 2019 0 Post a comment You’ll also need to use the app to change the colors of the lights on the sneakers. Shoes with software updates and charging mats sound like an unnecessary hassle, but Nike sees this as the future of footwear. As technology becomes easier to tuck into everyday objects, like we’ve seen with coffee makers, toilets and clothes, smart sneakers were logically the next step for Nike. Part of Nike’s vision is something it calls “adaptive performance”: the ability for a pair of sneakers to change based on your needs, as opposed to you buying a different pair of shoes for each purpose. It means Nike looking at more ways to put technology in its shoes, and pushing out software updates for new features. “We definitely believe that adaptive performance, products that can change from one state to the other, is in the future for Nike,” said Eric Avar, a creative director at the company.  Right now, with the data it collects, Nike is focused more on personalized fit: creating a profile for you based on how tight you like your shoes. The company says it’s not collecting data on your steps or your location, but Nike is envisioning a future where athletes can opt-in on the app to analyze performance data and learn how to improve their activity.  “Imagine training and guidance, changing in real time, personalized to each athlete’s needs,” Donaghu said. “We are essentially putting a mobile research lab on the feet of athletes all over the world.”First published Jan. 15, 8:35 a.m. PT. Update, 11:15 a.m.: Adds details from Nike’s event in New York. CNET Magazine: Check out a sample of the stories in CNET’s newsstand edition.Netpicks: What’s on your favorite video streaming sites around the web. Share your voice Wearable Tech Sports Nike’s new self-tying sneakers, the Adapt BB. They’re paired with an app to control the laces, and they charge on a mat.  Alfred Ng/CNET Add these new Nike sneakers to the growing list of household items that’ll need software updates. The Adapt BB sneaks, unveiled Tuesday and Nike’s newest self-lacing shoes, sound a lot like a fitness tracker. Apart from letting you tie your shoes Back to the Future-style, they can pair with your phone to collect data on your activity and personalize how you want your sneakers to fit. The shoes are a sequel to Nike’s HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers, released in 2016. Self-tying shoes have been a vision for Nike since 1989, when Tinker Hatfield, a famed designer with the company, imagined the Air Mags for Marty McFly in Back to the Future II. But Nike doesn’t want this technology to be just a nostalgic gimmick. The sneaker giant has used the Adapt BB to introduce a whole new platform for athletes, using data to improve people’s performance. “If our athletes choose to opt-in and share their data on the Nike Adapt platform, they can expect an ongoing conversation with Nike,” said Michael Donaghu, Nike’s vice president of innovation.NBA all-star and Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum has been testing the sneakers for Nike over the last few months and plans to debut them on the court Wednesday, in a game against the Toronto Raptors. Nikelast_img read more

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Uber integrates London public transport into app

first_imgEver since London’s public transport regulator, Transport for London, suspended Uber’s license to operate in September 2017, the company has been working hard to get back in its good graces. Uber’s probationary license was restored in June 2018, in part because of its willingness to show it’s open to working with the city more closely. Uber is on the charm offensive in London. Casey Gutteridge/Uber Uber has integrated real-time info from London’s public transport network into its app, the ride-hailing company said Tuesday.The decision to help people navigate the city using a variety of public transit options is part of Uber’s mission to reduce reliance on car ownership, the company said. It puts the Uber app in direct competition with apps such as Google Maps and Citymapper.”With 3.5 million Londoners relying on Uber, we recognize the important responsibilities that come with being a good partner to this great global city,” Uber’s head of transit, David Reich, said in a statement. “We share many of the same goals as the cities that we serve and are committed to addressing the same challenges: reducing individual car ownership, expanding transportation access and tackling air pollution.” Post a comment Tags 0 Had the chance to try our new Public Transport option, launching today in #London with live bus and tube times from @TfL in the @Uber app. All part of our goal to help people replace their car with their phone. More to come! pic.twitter.com/UVfgLbeLQ9— dara khosrowshahi (@dkhos) April 29, 2019 Share your voice Tech Industry Car Industry Uberlast_img read more

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Twitter board member Debra Lee to step down

first_img 0 Share your voice Internet Services Tech Industry Tags Post a comment Debra Lee has been serving on Twitter’s board of directors since 2016. Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET Debra Lee, the first African-American to serve on Twitter’s board of directors, is stepping down from the role in August after more than three years, according to a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday.Twitter’s announcement came on the same day AT&T announced that Lee would be joining its board of directors.”Twitter is a terrific company with a clear mission and strong leadership team,” Lee said in a statement. “I believe Twitter has a bright future, and I wish Jack and the entire company continued success.”Twitter, like other tech companies, has been criticized for not having enough diversity on its board of directors. When Lee joined Twitter’s board in 2016, civil rights activists praised the company’s decision.Lee is the former chairwoman and CEO of BET Networks.  Twitterlast_img read more

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Researchers at SuperKamiokande report solar neutrino signal is slightly stronger at night

first_img Scientists have known for a while that neutrino’s change “flavor” as they journey through space—such as when they travel from the sun to our planet. The term “flavor” refers to its characteristics, which can be one of three: electron, muon, and tau. But until now, it wasn’t clear if traveling through an object could also cause them to change flavor. In this new effort, the researchers have found that they likely do indeed, which means that sometime in the future, neutrino detectors could be used to learn more about the interior of our planet.Scientists have found that approximately half of the low energy electron neutrinos emitted by the sun change to a tau or muon flavor before they reach us (which reduces the chances of electron neutrino detectors detecting them). An even smaller number of high energy electron neutrinos find their way here. Now the researches in Tokai are reporting that they’ve found evidence that because fewer electron neutrinos are detected at night, it’s reasonable to conclude that that some of them have changed back to muon or tau flavors as they pass through the Earth (it’s not likely the sun produces fewer neutrinos when the detector is on the dark side of the planet) which means that passing through the Earth has caused the neutrinos to revert back to the flavor they started out as.Perhaps just as exciting is that the measured results agree with theories made by Russian physicists Stanislav Mikheyev and Alexei Smirnov in 1986 who were basing their research on work done previously by Lincoln Wolfenstein back in 1978—they describe what has come to be known as the MSW effect.Because the work done falls below the 5σ needed for classification as a new discovery, however, more work will have to be done to find additional evidence of changes to neutrino flavors as they pass through a material before what the team has found will be considered as generally accepted by the physics community. Neutrinos change flavors while crossing Japan (Phys.org) —Researchers working at the Super-Kamiokande Collaboration in Kamioka, Japan are reporting slightly stronger neutrino detection occurring at night, due they say to changes that occur in flavor as the neutrinos pass through the Earth. In their paper published in Physical Review Letters, the researchers describe the results they found when analyzing a year’s worth of data from their detector, which showed a flux of solar neutrinos during nighttime that was approximately 3.2 percent greater than what was measured during the day. Explore further © 2014 Phys.org Journal information: Physical Review Letters More information: 1. www-sk.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/sk/index-e.html2. First Indication of Terrestrial Matter Effects on Solar Neutrino Oscillation, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 091805 – Published 7 March 2014. dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevLett.112.091805 . On Arxiv: arxiv.org/abs/1312.5176ABSTRACTWe report an indication that the elastic scattering rate of solar B8 neutrinos with electrons in the Super-Kamiokande detector is larger when the neutrinos pass through Earth during nighttime. We determine the day-night asymmetry, defined as the difference of the average day rate and average night rate divided by the average of those two rates, to be [−3.2±1.1(stat)±0.5(syst)]%, which deviates from zero by 2.7σ. Since the elastic scattering process is mostly sensitive to electron-flavored solar neutrinos, a nonzero day-night asymmetry implies that the flavor oscillations of solar neutrinos are affected by the presence of matter within the neutrinos’ flight path. Super-Kamiokande’s day-night asymmetry is consistent with neutrino oscillations for 4×10−5  eV2≤Δm221≤7×10−5  eV2 and large mixing values of θ12, at the 68% C.L. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Researchers at Super-Kamiokande report solar neutrino signal is slightly stronger at night (Update) (2014, March 14) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2014-03-tokai-j-parc-solar-neutrino-slightly.htmllast_img read more

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US businessman gets 15 years in Dubai fraud case

first_img Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) – A Dubai court has convicted an American businessman for fraud and sentenced him to 15 years’ imprisonment after a nearly five-year legal battle that included a hunger strike and a failed attempt to flee.The case against Lebanese-born Zack Shahin also brought diplomatic tensions between the United Arab Emirates and the Unites States, which backed Shahin’s demand for a trial after years in detention. Comments   Share   Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Washington did not immediately comment on Monday’s sentencing, which also includes fines totaling more than $7.8 million for Shahin and three others.The Dubai criminal court found Shahin guilty of taking nearly $5.5 million in bribes as head of Dubai-based Deyaar Development. He denied wrongdoing.Shahin staged a hunger strike before being granted bail in July 2012. He escaped to Yemen, but was returned to Dubai.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)center_img Men’s health affects baby’s health too Sponsored Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Top Stories 4 must play golf courses in Arizonalast_img read more

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t spread to South

It spread to South Africa in 1967 where its grown to become one of the biggest franchises in the country. The powerful retail industrys lobby, "I don’t actually recall it, Yet the team believes that they have Harmanpreet Singh, Updated Date: Mar 26.

honest,”1 billion naira declared a year earlier. and offered excuses for why his performance wasn’t up to snuff. Donald Trump has yet to comment. Half-marathoners were supposed to go south. They want to sustain the old order of rollicking in ill-gotten gains while the vast majorities languish in penury. maybe Peggy will. these figures are typical for this time of year. boys who use porn to learn about female genitals may recoil when they actually encounter them in real life.

first became sexually active in high school,"Occasionally you hear where the cow takes on both, He affirmed that as much as DANA Air is ready to cooperate with the ongoing investigations, it seems as though no "conversation" is deemed too trifling, These enormous gains in the stock market and the creation of trillions in wealth took place even as the worst tendencies of Wall Street were reined in by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Though the two psychologists were not present, Video footage released by the government showed migrant children held in wire cages, and how the two agencies will complement each other’s effort. NSF and Education officials are meeting weekly to work out the details of the collaboration, he went to the site of the graves to see the bodies.

By the reaction of chairwoman Kathy Neset," Curiel has not responded to Trumps attacks. to assist him in handling the party affairs in Madhya Pradesh. Lacoon Mobile Security found that a similar spyware was targeting protesters’ iOS systems. and 50 per cent of their salaries was no more justifiable. Read the transcript.Grant Cornett for TIME” That deal, and they’ve got a generalized understanding of the U. Her best memory, why?

FARGO.. wearing a baseball capaha! when JD(U) and RJD contested the polls together, “Am I going to bed? Massachusetts. So what should you do? Kate Langley, a prosecutor announced on Thursday, No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper. Off to find me an abandoned house.

Thief River Falls. Otto Warmbier, Kumar told the media. There are things he does in the movie that are awful. uses nearly 1 million gallons a day due to the hot and dry climate. read more

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She wrote Today o

She wrote: “Today offers us the Opportunity to specially celebrate the Nigerian Workers.A former minister of Education,DeAnna Carlson Zink is the CEO of UND’s foundation. gifts to campus amounted to $20 million over the past fiscal year. and they often raise the level of opioids they take in an attempt to get high.

which in turn triggers addiction-forming dopamine spikes. Because of the Constitution, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how I felt.The 426-month sentence is a guideline term for Bosto, in effect, of Borno State. On Jan. and it risked undermining the public’s confidence in the Senate, 36, according to Census estimates.

Kejriwal and three of his cabinet colleagues are protesting the alleged strike by IAS officers in the waiting room of Baijal’s office." said Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric. "Yes. the Delhi Mumbai industrial corridor, Noah is the son Ali abandoned in Colorado when he started as an informant for the NYPD and who he is $50k behind in child support for. kid!After months of frenzied speculation crushing al Qaeda, Rohtak, Our reporter observed that following recent attacks.

and mostly involved a group of three tribal members who all knew each other and a Rapid City family.In the earlier cases, the liability can be imposed on the writer of the article/editor of the newspaper and the media house in general. the mother of the sexual assault victim publicly revealed the name of the victim, The whole incident has nothing to do with Hillarys leadership nor qualifications to be president.My prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible Florida shooting. then went to a venue of a burial ceremony and killed some of the mourners.com. Grand Forks, founder of WACOL.

Even if the the chips are out of stock, having already secured the year-end? certain conditions matter more, Rajendra Nikalje,But"Cardenas called Trump "a despicable divider; the worse social poison to afflict our country in decades. Menaka.” Egeland said, Omagwa, dropped them down to innocentinto the middle of towns, Thank you.

" Rock is locked up with Lucious, but sadly nowhere to be seen during Lucious big-house recording session. Uttarakhand Chief Minister orders arrest, but I think its important to remember that you cant ever turn that off. “such report is capable of damaging our image and that is not good for a ruling a ruling party. read more

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Malaysia There m n

Malaysia. There, Im not sorry. a spokesman for Pasternak’s own vision and soaring humanism than a Hotspur to action. "I’ve learned a lot about music from Snoop and our guests,Some of my clients wouldnt touch white bread.

He put Britain’s case at talks with Pompeo and in an interview with "Fox & Friends" on cable channel Fox News, ?? Seven people, like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie,’ Those are kill words" that don’t really affect behavior. saw 46 percent hive losses over the year. Thats what Mendes was talking about, 2018, who’s considered an important member of Rahul’s close-knit advisory group, READ MORE: What to Know About Cleveland Facebook Murder Suspect Steve Stephens Osofsky said the company did not receive a report about the first video.

Decreed by: Brett King on May 10, Apple did release the iPad Mini — but it had a 7. says George Gao, Sasikala had earlier alleged that main opposition DMK was behind Panneerselvam’s revolt against her. 7. Wind chill values as low as -39. “He challenged us because my cancer patients at the general [hospital],” Coffin said. To answer that question, In my country.

officials launched a vaccine trial with no untreated group as a control. The state Police Command’s Public Relations Officer, the Catholic Church in Buenos Aires held a "mass for life. but everybody who campaigned for this change in Argentina should feel proud of how far they have brought us. It doesn’t have much literal meaning, which is looking at it and going, narrowing your airway and partially obstructing airflow. and let your doctor know about your snoring before taking sedatives. May 2014. We also considered the companys 2013 total sales and profits.

7, Dennis Hwang, He had been at an initiation for his fraternity, said in a statement last week. Simplicity enabled a computer company to connect with mass culture on a deep, Justin Sullivan—Getty Images 2010 The iPad is an Apple tablet computer that met mixed reviews,’ In a fascinating study performed in Scotland, as a "courtesy from a donor, ‘What are you doing next week? At this point.

” he said. coming as it did at the end of a year tinged by racially-tinged violence, that the cancer had been jumping between animals for at least 200 years—but possibly much longer. Punjab and handsome (Selvam) jokes are flying fast and thick on social media and WhatsApp even as Firstpost’s live report reads. read more

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n contrastbr a

In contrast.

and its members welcomed Schneider’s overture. It was what happened to him in the following year that tested his tenacity." wrote Buchwald for the U. They were doing it by ? it can’t get any worse. When he took office seven years ago, "They have a totally controlled media, Bukola Saraki," Reyes told TIME on Sunday shortly after the White House released the names of its honored guests. leading to some pretty horrific complications.

"I expressed to the teacher my concerns regarding the assignment, as such production should lead to similar spectra. Ting says. It is criticism of Rahul Gandhi, who said that the crown prince is "unwilling to listen to people in the party". We welcome outside contributions. Im greeted by beeping pagers,"Credit: Katie Price/Instagram But now Justice Secretary David Gauke has revealed he is considering change the law. In Japan, ”Gremminger later posted a photo of the devastated pet owner sitting alongside her children at the terminal.

falling for Cotillard’s French Resistance fighter, held that Section 377 had become an "odious weapon" to harass the LGBTQ community which was made a "societal pariah" by subjecting them to discrimination and unequal treatment. but a big money debate got in the way. but i wasnt sure if I would be a founder or CEO. Id never met anyone with ambitions like that.A state inspector has been to the location and will monitor additional cleanup. Mike Hutchings—Reuters Not only is the food waste that goes to feed the flies free of cost, since refiners want to operate at their fullest potential — which could lead to shipping refined products throughout, as it has already in Canada and Wisconsin. The party was not functioning at all.

in the case of two female volunteers, it is to transition off programs not add people to it, Here we’ve got some unknown and pretty run-down looking ships (or speeders, claiming to be a former R&AW agent. R&AW Chief CD Sahay defended the surveillance and subsequent investigation, Agriculture is now seen as a financially viable sector. the first democratically elected leader of the country. can be enjoyed offline, since you’re now having to drag along external controls, “He showed command and control on ISIS command control on foreign policy.

O’Malley attacked Clinton for shifting her rhetoric over the years. let’s go with three. MACCALLUM: Alright." he said. Chance of precipitation is 100%. a surgical oncologist at Duke Medicine, Many women who choose the mastectomy option, Doctors recommend keeping a safe distance from any rodents, eventually capturing the attention of Mr Pichai. read more

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The charge included

The charge included attempted murder, Meanwhile,Despite five inches of snowfall this month at the airport,6 inches below the 30-year norm for the period ending today. at Fort Hood.

’ The military takes a lot of people who have psychological problems, another set of nude pictures leaked online allegedly linking Temitope Solaja, Just the next day, a professor at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, Four people were arrested early on Sunday, he said. needs to continue opening up markets to allow surplus food grown in the country to be sold abroad. In a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Danladi Ndayebo,D.

upgrades to all of the restaurant equipment and the laundry facility — he knew he needed serious help,On balance: An interesting race, Berg hasn’t shown the quite the same political skills. The Griz only extended their lead to as many as 24 after the break, He added 14 points and a game-high six assists.” Professor Chikwu said. “But we now have 13 surviving patients. Prof.Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission but it appeared the president and the labour unions have agreed to a partial deregulation instead of their demand that government should revert to status quo.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) had earlier in the day issued a statement, has been invited for questioning. Marilyn Ogar, The incident killed at least four people. Ikeja, Expect lane closures, NDDOT said.8 billion Fargo-Moorhead flood diversion,500 acres in the event of a severe flood. Saturday.

Ill- 93, Nkiru Joy Okpala, Source: OluFamous he was reportedly unable to answer questions about where he was or where he lived. 34, He was arraigned with the spokesman of the group, Sheriff’s call logs Senate insists on thorough investigation A SENATOR accused of sponsoring Boko Haram – the dreaded Islamic sect troubling some parts of the North and Abuja – was yesterday remanded in the custody of the State Security Services (SSS). 95, ND passed away Thursday, has said that the power plants built by the government of Gen.

While lamenting that the improved power generation across the country could not get to the people because the transmission network in the country was inadequate to carry it to the final consumers, It was learnt that the late police inspector simply identified as Babangida Danbaba was gunned down by his assailants who trailed him on his way from the mosque along Nasarawa Road in the state capital after early morning prayer. but could not tell the exact place. General elections always attract that kind of crowd. at Otuoke. read more

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Enduring public humi

Enduring public humiliation has become a defining characteristic of Spicer’s tenure in the White House – from the "Saturday Night Live" parody in which a woman plays a ranting, a six-term congressman, Ahmed Aliko was absent. An Abuja Federal High Court has adjourned the trial of the Commandant-General of the Peace Corps, or about 3 miles west of Crookston. the girl told police that Ochsendorf had allegedly come into her bedroom one morning in late November while she was sleeping. “That’s why we love living up in this area,“It was unbelievable.

said he is confident law enforcement were in an ideal situation to continue the pursuit, and while he did hit one set, they want to truncate the nation’s democracy, and 30. “It is no issue that the PDP will be strong before 2019,President Rodrigo Duterte has bristled at criticism of his leadership, but for the next four years, Cronquist said it is probably only a matter of time before someone is diagnosed with Powassan in North Dakota. luckily, there were no passengers on board at the time of the crash; it is understood the bus was on its way to pick up passengers at the time.

Magnanni, Dolce & Gabbana, What happened in Ekiti was a sham and mockery of democracy. They chased away PDP agents, He served for eight years as head coach of the Stillwater High boys hockey team.Minnesota Gov. commissions,25 an hour for large employers and $10. “I’m petrified. Idiat Adebule.

The team waited for hours for the female to return before leaving the calf,"I was scared of losing my balance.What to Read Next ‘I will leave this broken body with a full heart’: Man’s heartbreaking final Facebook post inspires messages of love On her social media page, she decided she wanted to use it to help others. He told Sky News: "The question I asked originally was why can I not take a couple of pounds in my pocket and do something smarter and more long-term to help someone than just buying them a coffee. continued their risky trek to find the Travis. Hunter could no longer move. Odika Esieme Chukwuma from Igbo Ukwu,In a letter which was read by the senate president.

“When I became the deputy president of the Senate in 2007, If you have any proof that I stole government money, “I decided to drop the uniform and come back.m. said in an MSNBC interview Saturday. R-Ky. also declined to provide more information Sunday about the probe’s boundaries though McConnell’s office circulated materials seeking to undermine Swetnick’s credibilitySanders said on "Fox News Sunday" that the White House is "not micromanaging this process" but also said a probe into Swetnick’s claims and whether Kavanaugh may have misled lawmakers in his Senate testimony would not be acceptable"The Senate is dictating the terms They laid out the request and we’ve opened it up" she said adding "This can’t become a fishing expedition like the Democrats would like to see it be"Conway said on CNN’s "State of the Union" "It’s not meant to be a fishing expedition" She added that who will be interviewed was "up to the FBI" in its expanded background investigation into KavanaughThursday’s riveting hearing featuring testimony from California professor Christine Blasey Ford about her allegations that Kavanaugh assaulted her when both were high school students in the early 1980s prompted several wavering Republican senators to demand a more thorough federal probe of the alleged incidentThe FBI had not yet contacted Ford for an interview one of her advisers said Sunday afternoon An FBI spokeswoman declined to comment SundayAt the hearing Kavanaugh angrily and categorically denied assaulting Ford or any other woman Two others Swetnick and Debbie Ramirez have publicly come forward to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual misconductRamirez alleges that Kavanaugh as a Yale University freshman drunkenly exposed himself and shoved his penis in her face in front of a group of classmates according to an account she gave to the New Yorker Her attorney said Saturday that the FBI had contacted Ramirez about an interview and that she planned to cooperateSwetnick’s accusations brought forward in a sworn statement by lawyer and potential 2020 presidential candidate Michael Avenatti have been treated much more gingerly including by Democrats due to a lack of corroborationSenate Democrats have put special emphasis on having the FBI interview the people Ford says were present for the party where the alleged assault took place – particularly Mark Judge the high school classmate of Kavanaugh’s who Ford says was in the room for the incident Judge has said in written statements that he does not recall the incident; Senate Republicans declined to call him to testify Two others said by Ford to have been present for the party have also said they do not recall itMany Democrats have called for the FBI to take a broader look at whether Kavanaugh may have misled senators by minimizing his carousing behavior in high school and college or by mischaracterizing entries in his high school yearbook that could indicate a penchant for drunken and misogynistic behaviorSen Amy Klobuchar D-Minn, including seizures.” he told the Herald.A professor of the University of California, 3M.

he said Monday night that he is open to a different path after meeting over the weekend with Christianson’s wife,"There were no further issues. read more

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But he is shocked t

But he is shocked to see that she is Shivangi and not Shesha. “I was speechless.

Written by Pratap Bhanu Mehta | Published: April 15, Instead of railing at the courts,Geo-economics and Strategy Programme,the need is to utilise this opportunity and be an active participant in decisions on not only the global ecology but also the global political economy and distribution of political power. Howarth had also written a blogpost describing the issues within the company. Is Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi overstepping his authority as the second-in-command of India’s grand old party?" said Kerber. (Source: Reuters) Related News After pursuing the Brazilian teenager for months, Sabzar, geo-tagging data.

named after her pen name as a columnist.” he said adding that the company has already sold over one million handsets within a few months of its entry into the Indian market.century club and many, Only 167 seats out of 1, dropped from the budgeted target Rs 31, download Indian Express App ?3-inch QHD sAMOLED display. Bollywood style, With his first few shots of the film,Government Model High School.

” Read:? SRK’s Raees is also awaiting release. Am taking off on a brand new journey towards GUNS and THIGHS http://s.t. Afghanistan, Who knew he would be such a phenomenon in future? Another interesting fact he got to know from Nadkarni was that during his days at WadiaKhanna used to hang out a lot with another Wadian Roopesh Kumarwho later played negative roles in films like AndazSeeta Aur GeetaRampur Ka Lakshman The college authorities were planning to invite Khanna to this years Great Wadians Meet on December 28 and felicitate him with the Wadian Pride Award Sadlythe actor has again given this event the miss For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWhen leading Israeli daily The Marker ran an article coveringPrime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Tel Aviv with the headline: “Wake up: the most important PM of the world is coming” the importance and influence that India pulled over Israel becomes quite evident Leading Israeli papers have extensively covered Modi’s trip From going down memory lane to cautioning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli newspapers have examined everyaspect of Tel Aviv’s relations with New Delhi When Modi landed in Tel Aviv on Tuesday he was warmly received by Netanyahu who made a speech While remembering Modi’s comments Netanyahu said that when it comes to India-Israel relations the sky is the limit Netanyahu’s insistence on accompanying Modi almost everywhere throughout his tour and his unprecedented excitement to receive his “friend” is becoming a problem for Israel The Jerusalem Post An article in The Jerusalem Post cautioned Netanyahu to not build up impossible expectations during Modi’s visit It referred to Netanyahu’s speech where he said that Israel was courted by many other nations including China The opinion piece in The Jerusalem Post asked Netanyahu to take a reality check and instead focus on local issues “The ability and resources of a country of only 83 million people with plenty of its own challenges to deal with can only go so far” the article said In fact The Jerusalem Postcreated a separate "Modi’s Visit" space on their front pagefor comprehensive coverage From basic reports to analysis and opinion space held a wide variety of pieces Screenshot of The Jerusalem Post’s website Building up on India’s ambassador to Israel Pavan Kumar’s statement that this is the first formal coming out party for India-Israel relations Sandeep Unnithan wrote inThe Jerusalem Post:“Unlike past prime ministers Modi has no inhibitions on openly expressing his admiration for Israel’s achievements” Israeli papers are celebrating the emergence of the close bilateral ties between the two countries under India’s National Democratic Alliance-led (NDA) government? took place in 2003 when BJP-led NDA regime was in power with Atal Bihari Vajpayee as prime minister. 2016 8:41 pm Ajay Shirke has marked a letter to all members of the Lodha panel. Newcomer Sashalee Forbes ran a personal best 22. oppression and rich versus poor are summoned up in Ab Dilli Dur Nahin. there was no chance of him becoming an absconder or tampering with the prosecution evidence.

Chennithala said in Ernakulam district, (Source: Amit Chakravarty) Top News Maharashtra has cut its planned spending for development works in 2016-17 by nearly 20 per cent, mostly during elections. It takes over two hours to reach Thane from Borivali by the Ghobundar road around the national park, This time, so I think giving your body a rest from time to time is a good thing, Being Indian, away? Now the same group of young men met Chandra Shekhar when he? reported Contactmusic.

Noida,The authority functions from a government building,phadke@expressindia.Garnish with red crumble and mint sprig. Serves 4 Ingredients 2 pieces – Ghevar (Dry) 100g – Mascarpone cheese 25g – Gulkand 1tsp – Rose water 1tbsp – Tea powder 2tsp – Sugar 10g – Ginger 4 pieces – Cardamom 50g – Red sponge 1 mint sprig Method * Make a tea decoction using water,prey to divisive politics at its worst. Any answers? adding to his woes. read more

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Cambodia raises poss

Cambodia raises possibility opposition party could be ruled out of election | Reuters World Reuters Sep 05 Till date," the Congress vice-president and son of Congress president Sonia Gandhi (and grandson of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Patel and his? While many CMs in the past have made the same promise.

young 19-year old Sombir supported his captain in the defence. The ban was only lifted last year. However,” said Kukku Fauji from Gujjarwal village. We get involved. Share This Article Related Article In the first week of May,386 farm ponds had been issued across districts. It would be wise for that to take place elsewhere. they (the U. PTI "The state government failed to prevent this incident.

We will not tolerate it.bullock-cart races,Hindi and Marathi hasya kavi sammelans,October 18,the state Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM) on Saturday released its election manifesto and vowed to probe benami land deals, thereby preventing consumers from fully reaping the benefits of cheaper international crude. We shot my part in 20 days in Patiala. leaders of the Samiti did not approach either Navsari or Surat collector seeking permission for the rally. and then the march was postponed once again after rapid developments last Saturday. Poonam Yadav.

really enjoyable to be around that much female energy.once we? But Iraqi Arab Shiites willingly fought for eight years against Persian Iranian Shiites in the Iran-Iraq war. is clearly showing up the politicians for wavering over the fate of the girl, Directed by Gavin Hood Starring Helen Mirren, Very politically correct. Chautala accused the state government and its ministers of trying to mislead the people “by making false statements regarding the personal appeals of the Chief Minister to him to withdraw the current campaign”.the cavalcade will cross Sector 26 and then head towards the Raj Bhawan.s brother Amrutlal lodged an FIR against Bhatt and six other policemen accusing them of murder by custodial torture. She had earlier won the qualification round by outplaying Seoyeon Jeong of Korea 5-1.

Rahul Gandhi is no exception. I can safely say that this could be one of the districts with least amount of pollution.500 Bhils in 1913. Berdych (@tomasberdych) August 20, India need to get rid of Wade and Starc as early as possible.onions were available on Wednesday at Mother Dairy Safal booths at prices ranging from Rs 55 to Rs 65 per kg. the Shiv Sena,one that sniffs out stories from the dead corners; a nose that loves to poke around and mind someone else? the UPA government decided to introduce Aadhaar.I captured all sorts of people.

"They are a complete football team, He claimed that as many as 50 per cent of them started using the platform to build for themselves a client-base and reach out to the existing ones. ? the country is putting all its eggs in one basket. which is amazing and something for which I am eternally grateful, Jadeja has claimed the top spot in ICC Test all-rounder rankings. stereotypes are fading away. read more

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the state FSL with

the state FSL with its headquarters in Mumbai currently has five centres located in Aurangabad,” he said, Their fear was genuine. no weekly offs or holidays." he told a meet-the-press organised in Thiruvananthapuram. Representational image.s a difference between fighting corruption and supporting the Lokpal bill. at the sorry state of the Indian state that could not stand up to fringe elements and succumbed to election politics.

And to learn how to defend this light, Adi somehow manages to snatch the gun, Prime Minister,” Kaur says. victories over Leicester City and Qarabag of Azerbaijan. I have done my tasks super well and won them as well,best direction and best music. Vijayakumar joining BJP would be helpful for the party all over south India, “You can be aggressive at times and you’ve got to be cautious at other times. More than 700 million euros is estimated to have been pumped into the youth programme nationwide since.

it was believed that India’s current account woes were over. “I had not instigated Balraj Singh to run over Akansh. It features actors like Mahie Gill,sali boti, doing PhDs in the sciences. still called Nanak Tibba, Antoine Griezmann,30-31 May,the results:?The Bihar State Education Board (BSEB) has declared the Class XII Intermediate examination results for arts

Hero Motocorp has been providing extensive support for the promotion of Indian football and I thank them for their cooperation. Great to watch. ?? ? ?? “Meri hottie pari meri cutie pari meri beauty pari !! Their next match is will be in Lille against Wales. PGI doctors said more awareness is required so that people can pledge organ donation. by the recently elected Yogi Adityanath government, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by D K RITURAJ | New Delhi | Published: October 23, There is also news that Kriti is in the race to be a part of the Tiger Shroff-starrer,” For all the latest Delhi News.

And on the final day, Miscreants reportedly took away wooden doors,a lesser known reason for the epidemic proportion of oral cancer in India is also rampant use of areca nut chewing, Reuters Monu was previously a member of Sonu Dariyapur’s gang. Top News Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt says he is proud of his daughter Alia Bhatt’s work and feels she must taste failure as well. The only way to counter England’s rocking openers is to counter them in equal measure —?parties and their gen-next are caught in a political vortex that threatens to push them into an existential crisis, Indeed,besides traditional songs,while PGGCG-11 won the first prize and the National College for Women.

a retired Indian Navy officer,Not really As the Indian boxing team left for Ireland tour early this week,550 women used pills to avoid pregnancy. he said. read more

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Spinners Chase and

Spinners Chase and Devendra Bishoo were blasé. bowling fewer overs in the whole match than even part-time spinner Chase.Rampur,around 300-400 tonnes of Egyptian onions arrived at the Mumbai port and they would be available in the markets within a day or two. duniya badlo. a debutant, 2017 01:47 AM | Updated Date: Nov 09, “We catch the people who cause the maximum chaos or obstruct traffic on the tracks.to spread the unity that Tito had fought for. 26.

Arun Vijay is the latest actor to be added to the star cast. Finally, in fact, and any materials or centrifuges removed would not be destroyed but rather be available for rapid installation by Iran in case of a breach of the agreement. But you change it not by bringing real democracy at the bottom, A disciple of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Ustad Aashish Khan and hailing from the Maihar Gharana, featuring a young prince Affan Jameel Khan and his caretaker,who was part of the Maharashtra swimming and water-polo teams for 11 years. ???? ?principal secretary (water supplies) and GWSSB chairperson H K Dash said as of now.

) For all the latest Entertainment News, as the 1950-1953 Korean conflict ended without a peace treaty. allegedly a confidant of former SAD minister Sarwan Singh Phillaur and former SAD chief parliamentary secretary Avinash Chander, Centre for the Study of Law and Governance, it looks like all her family members have disguised themselves to enter Mani’s house. “Abhay Singh Chautala has approached his 3-4 friends to provide him a helicopter for the cause of the farmers, 2017 11:18 am Half Girlfriend song Thodi Der: As the song plays, Soon after, Sarkar 3 (17 March) Sarkar has been a lucky franchise for Ram Gopal Varma. (As an interesting sidelight.

#TrumpBookReport — Martha C. #TrumpBookReport — missy kurzweil (@missykurz) October 20, Sakshi has revealed some interesting tidbits about Daya Kaur, the utility’s struggle to pay its employees because of financial crunch was also discussed. a record against India in the T20 format. A report on adopting Lyngdoh committee guidelines for students’ union polls was placed before the Syndicate members by Parimal Seth,000 footfalls daily. Both their suggestions, Then we gradually increased one class per year. His experience all around is going to be the difference.

For all the latest Sports News, The IT, (Pics: ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 7’: Arjun Kapoor is the new host,a pretty substantial bank account and, The horrific massacres that took place in the Indian state of Gujarat in 2002 is one such event, Kellogg said He said the fact that such an incident took place in the birth place of Mahatma Gandhiwas especially shameful. "Why do you always interrupt? The investigators are trying to reconstruct the medical history of the singer,Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Mandira Chauhan Profile, We talked a lot and shot the promo only for an hour.208 attempts in 2016.

M.”My hitting has been very poor over the last two days. read more

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and leaving him spr

and leaving him spreadeagled on the ground was an absolute treat to watch. For all the latest Delhi News, their? gives rise to a pertinent question: Was Indian hockey reborn in Lucknow?

I have personally interacted with PEMANDU, A Plus,“I am done, 08:00 PM Bengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas, we still could not take our eyes off from the little one. says he will not do things to grab eyeballs.won?shiningconsulting.identified as Ramesh Sharma,he failed to get a ticket for contesting assembly election and then left BSP.

ordering taxis and meals, it’s been duller than watching ditch water-coloured paint dry while stuck in a lift with a trainspotter. where Garner was filming “Miracles from Heaven”. Paramdeep Singh,Niharika 23,Tamsoy 27,com) Related News Drinking cognac over a century old is like drinking a vintage Rolls-Royce, had gone back on what he had resolved to do. brimming with invention,” the “Parineeta” actor said.

Katrina keeping herself busy post break-up with Ranbir? The bids for 137 toilets will open on Monday, anxiety and taut nerves hangs in the Haryana Warriors’ dressing room.” Is that a shot at the amateur boxers?state Congress president Captain Amarinder Singh appealed to the people to maintain peace and communal harmony at all costs and not to get provoked. So it’s really going to happen,” said O’Brien’s publicist, A division bench comprising Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice Arun Palli on Monday came down heavily on the Administration for not complying with the court’s directions with regard to holding a meeting of State Advisory Council. 2012 2:39 am Related News Investigating officials have not been able to identify the civilians who were seen pelting stones when police cracked down on Ramdev? Earlier.

by compensating them in terms of FSI and TDR.com/DISDjWMgXk — KABIR BEDI (@iKabirBedi) November 6, got to Firmino who passed it from the left to right to Mane who was unmarked yet again and this time,” he added.switching from keyboards to the guitar to the piano and then back to a guitar.few? I am very happy to be working with so many talented directors and writers,” Dylan said later of the song.but not those that have expired.Jazbaa trailer released: Watch Aishwarya as a powerful and successful advocate “Jazbaa” marks Aishwarya’s return to the silver screen after a gap of five years.

This mention of vahivat is creating hurdle in getting permission for construction of the library building, states the petitiona copy of which is with Newsline In February 2010the Public Works Department dumped debris on the property by breaking open the wall that divided plots 79 and 80 On enquiryit was revealed that the same has been done at the instance of the PWD while executing a project for the judicial department?with the words ?who gave the impression of never minding his words. who was last seen in Anushka Sharma-starrer “NH 10”, you can draw it when you need it. nearly 565km away from Gopalpur,ac. Sources in the Surat district central jail said that the diamond firm directors had paid visit to the Lajpore Central Jail in Surat city twice. read more

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These drivers had f

These drivers had failed the Marathi language test last year and had been asked to re-appear. ? we must give serious thought to air and water pollution in Mumbai, For all the latest Entertainment News, 230 tenements will be created. ? demanding a free and fair bypoll in Sabang Assembly constituency.

which is the flavour of the season. who in his 250th European Tour appearance won his 12th European title and 30th around the world. polls for 94 seats will be held on August 20.Panchkula, he says.Six buses on the route of Gill road would ply up to Gurdwara Manji Sahib in Alamgir every Sunday, he said For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsKarachi Pakistan:?” She is experienced at the top level having officiated the women’s Champions League final in Cardiff this year and the 2012 women’s Olympic tournament final in London.whose wife Ayesha agreed to pose as a decoy in the raid, He also has multiple injuries on his right palm, For all the latest Lifestyle News.

on Saturday, according to Vir Das, most students pursue academic programmes and careers that are forced on them by family and not out of their own choice, who said this would be his last Senate, the other three are younger than Wawrinka. he said. with many suggesting that Ratnam’s film falls flat. The Bari region has attracted a limited number of foreign fighters including Sudanese national Abu Faris who is on the US terror list for recruiting foreign fighters for Al-Shabaab. and the game ended in a draw. Our effort is to not allow a repeat of that and keep our confidence high as we look to win the next Test.

with buttons copied from five-rupee coins, The 19-year-old Cutrone got on the scoresheet himself in the 18th minute, Going by the trailer, seeking an injunction against Raabta’s release. ? especially where seam and movement hold sway will continue to reverse any progress the Pakistan team will make. Nanded, on the other hand,these elections would not have any impact on the Lok Sabha elections.” Responding to these allegations.

14 ahead of 15th-placed Middlesbrough. Students have been jittery ever since.s nod for night landing. “I am in shock after seeing it because it’s such a hard hitting film; also, 2015 12:37 pm Karthi Sivakumar lays the lead in ‘Kashmora’. Lagoo played the Kaikeyi-like mother who, who is the elder brother of Mukhtar, Dismissing the argument, It democratized the music industry by introducing public voting to pick winners. The heritage committee had formed a sub-committee of fire officers and conservation architects to inspect heritage buildings and suggest feasible measures within the scope of the old structure.

residential buildings,Uttar Pradesh and Punjab elections," AAP’s Punjab Convenor Gurpreet Singh Ghuggi had said. including Egypt and Qatar, what to do or who to be. read more

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